A truck driver was cited in a fatal truck accident that killed a 21-year-old newlywed Sunday. The woman’s husband was also a passenger in the car that was struck but he survived and is at Grady Memorial Hospital with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.

The truck accident occurred along I-285 when the truck driver clipped the woman’s Nissan Sentra while attempting a lane change. The newlywed from Woodstock lost control of her car after being hit, struck the right guardrail and then careened into oncoming traffic where she was struck by another tractor-trailer. Upon impact, the Nissan flipped and landed on its side.

The fatal truck and car crash closed southbound I-285 for two hours Easter Sunday night. The truck driver who clipped the victim’s car was arrested after the crash. He has been charged with second degree vehicular homicide, as well as improper lane change, according to Ft Lauderdale car accident lawyers.

Truck driver error is a major cause of fatal truck accidents. When a semi truck or tractor trailer driver makes a poor choice on the road, it’s often the innocent drivers nearby who pay the price. In this case, it appears that the truck driver may have failed to fully check his blind spots before changing lanes. This fatal mistake took the life of a young woman with a bright future.

Truck drivers need to be mindful that they share the roads. Truck drivers need to pay attention, carefully execute lane changes and other driving maneuvers, and allow an appropriate stopping distance based on the weight of the truck. Training and additional certification or safety classes may also help to prevent serious truck driver errors.

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