When a child is sick or hurting, the parents want to do everything they can to make that child feel better. Usually, that means going to the doctor and often getting a prescription drug. When one Louisiana mother did just that, her son suffered serious consequences because of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

Relgan, also called metoclopramide, is often prescribed for short-term treatment of various symptoms, including nausea, gastroesophageal reflux and diabetic gastroparesis. The key phrase is short term. The Louisiana mother says she was not told to avoid long-term use, and her son suffered serious injuries as a result.

The mother says that taking Reglan over a long period of time caused her son to develop tardive dyskinesia. The illness causes uncontrollable abnormal movements that will hinder her son for the rest of his life. The mother has sued the makers of Reglan, including Pharmaceutical Associates, Beach Products, Mortgon Grove Pharmaceuticals and Wockhardt in federal court.

Her Stein Law Brooklyn injury lawyer is seeking compensation from the drug companies for her son’s:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical disfigurement and impairment
  • Loss of earnings and capacity
  • Legal fees

Although the drug is approved for short-term use only, the mother says that the companies listed above “encouraged the long term use of these drugs and concealed the drug’s dangerous side effects.” That would make the drug companies responsible for her son’s illness as well as the long-term injury he will suffer for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo the damage that Reglan did to this mother’s son, but the pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for the pain they have caused this family.

This drug encompasses many discouraging factors including leading to a Louisiana car accident. Be sure to stay informed to ensure a tragedy like this never occurs.

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