This past September a Jacksonville woman and her husband set out to participate in a horseback ride entitled “Cowboys Against Cancer.” The goal of the journey was to ride across Texas to raise money and awareness for victims of cancer. One month into their journey across the Lone Star State, the couple stopped to offer their charity to a driver pulled over with car trouble. Unbeknownst to the Jacksonville woman, the driver would quickly return the favor.

After pulling over to assist the disabled motorist, the woman began to lead her horse to the trailer. What happened next, the Jacksonville woman cannot remember. A car traveling over the top of a hill and going 80 miles per hour slammed into the woman and her horse causing a pedestrian accident. “I never seen the guy coming and she didn’t either, we didn’t see headlights or nothing,” said the husband.

The woman’s horse died upon impact and the woman was tossed into the horse trailer. The woman was strewn upon the side of the highway for over two minutes breathless and without a pulse. Luckily, the driver the couple attempted to help was an Emergency Medical Technician. The E.M.T. called an ambulance and was able to resuscitate the woman. Reliving the string of events the husband explained, “I thought I lost her.”

The woman spent the next few days in an El Paso hospital and could not remember any of the events from the time of the workers comp accident until sometime later under care. The woman is currently in a physical therapy program and is making her recovery from a wheelchair. The woman and her husband plan to ride again next year.



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