Over the weekend a horrific bus accident occurred in The Bronx, New York killing 15 people. The commercial vehicle accident occurred early Saturday morning and sheared the top of the bus. The bus driver told investigators that a tractor-trailer clipped the bus and caused the accident, but surviving passengers said the bus driver’s account did not match what they experienced as the bus slid off of the road and ran into a sign pole.

On Saturday morning, the bus driver was driving a World Wide Tours bus back from the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut to New York City’s Chinatown. The terrible accident occurred as the bus crossed the New York City line. Passengers on the bus said the driver swerved multiple times to the right for no reason before the accident occurred. Passengers also said that they did not remember anything hitting the bus, and motorists who observed the accident also said they did not see any vehicle hit the bus. The tractor-trailer driver that supposedly clipped the bus told police he was actually following the bus.

Thirty-one passengers, some asleep, were on the bus when the accident occurred at 5:35 a.m. on Saturday. The bus ran along a guardrail for approximately 300 feet before it tipped over and slammed into a highway sign support pole. The pole sliced through the length of the bus from its front to its back tires. Twenty passengers were treated at area hospitals including the bus driver, and fifteen people were killed due to blunt force trauma and we’re not sure about criminal charges just yet.



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