God’s Name in the Presidential Oath: “The Heart of a King is in the Hand of Hashem”

President Obama took the oath of office for his second term this week, and like many chief executives before him, he ended his oath with the words “So help me God.” Behind those words lies a longstanding tradition, but also a contemporary controversy. More importantly, though, they serve as a reminder to all Who is really in control.

Invoking God’s Name in the Presidential Oath of Office


Climate Change Groups Split on Fossil Fuel Divestment

A rift is emerging among investors in some of the world’s biggest energy companies over a global campaign that aims to combat climate change by making fossil fuels as unpopular as tobacco.

Over the past seven months, investors including the heirs to the Rockefeller Standard Oil fortune and the board of trustees at California’s Stanford University, have decided to avoid shares in coal companies.

What We’re Reading: Resource Revolution

Is a quiet revolution to make productive use of resources underway? Matt Rogers and Stefan Heck of McKinsey and Co. make a persuasive case that leading companies are revolutionizing the way that we make use of physical resources such as energy, whether oil or solar, and materials used for products.

This “resource revolution” claims that just as technological advances increased th...


Woodstock Woman Is Killed After Semi Truck Causes Car Accident

A truck driver was cited in a fatal truck accident that killed a 21-year-old newlywed Sunday. The woman's husband was also a passenger in the car that was struck but he survived and is at Grady Memorial Hospital with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries. The truck accident occurred along I-285 when the truck driver clipped the woman's Nissan Sentra while attempting a lane change. The newlywed from Woodstock lost control of her car after being hit, struck the right guardrail and th...

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Last time we started a conversation on how to avoid seven common money mistakes often committed after going through a divorce. The period of going through a divorce is often a time fraught with emotions and sometimes emotions can get in the way of a solid financial decision. In this post we will discuss the remaining four money mistakes. The fourth money mistake to avoid is one committed out of the feeling of revenge. Sometimes an individual may want payback if an ex-spouse was unfaithfu...

Foreclosures jumped 21 percent in third quarter of 2011

Mortgage foreclosures in the United States increased sharply in the third quarter of 2011 after a temporary suspension of foreclosure practices was lifted off of banking institutions. The 21 percent increase from the previous quarter brought national foreclosure levels back to the historically high levels that the mortgage industry has been seeing in the aftermath of the housing crisis. San Diego foreclosure defense attorneys noted that part of the rapid spike in foreclosures is that banks are ...

Criminal law

We've been a criminal law firm since graduating from the University of Florida College of Law in 1972. While in law school, we developed a keen interest in the criminal area and served as a student intern under the tutelage of Eugene Whitworth, Esq., who later became State Attorney of the 8t...

Who we’ve defended

We've defended people against criminal charges including:
  • Murder
  • lawyers of distinction
  • Attempted murder
  • DUI manslaughter
  • DUI serious bodily injury
  • All sex related cases including:
    • Capital Sexual Battery
    • Sexual Battery
    • Lewd and Lascivious molestation
    • Lewd ...

Information Security & Internet Enforcement Overview

All corporations, regardless of size and industry sector, rely on computer networks to store and exchange sensitive company information. This reliance, while increasing convenience and productivity, brings the risk of breaches in network security. Such breaches can originate either from outside the network (the external hacker) or from within the company (the nefarious employee). Federal and state regulators and, in their wake, jibrael hindi credit repair<...