We do not often hear about train and 18-wheeler crashes let alone a passenger train and semi crash. When these types of accidents occur many people’s lives are put in danger and the likelihood of severe injury or death can be high. Luckily, the incidents of train and truck crashes are rare. Last Friday morning one such train and 18-wheeler accident occurred near Beaumont, Texas.

One week ago in Southeast Texas, an Amtrack passenger train headed to New Orleans, Louisiana hit an 18–wheeler that was stranded on the railroad tracks. According to the local sheriff’s department the semi was completely demolished by the passenger train in the Friday morning accident. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

According to a local sheriff’s deputy, the truck driver from Houston had jumped out of the truck before the train smashed into it. Authorities say the semi-truck became stuck on the tracks because it became “high-centered” on the railway. The truck was hauling a load of pipe intended to be delivered to local oilfields. As the truck approached the railroad crossing the truck could not clear the track crossing because of the crossing’s steep grade. As a result, the first set of wheels cleared the track but the framework of the truck was not able to clear leaving the truck immobilized on the track.

The Amtrack passenger train was aware of the situation before it reached the crossing, and as the passenger train approached the train engineer was able to slow the train to a speed of 30 miles per hour before impact occurred. According to the sheriff’s office, the impact of the train pushed the semi 20 yards down the track. After the railway was cleared of the accident, the train continued to New Orleans.

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