Woodstock Woman Is Killed After Semi Truck Causes Car Accident

A truck driver was cited in a fatal truck accident that killed a 21-year-old newlywed Sunday. The woman’s husband was also a passenger in the car that was struck but he survived and is at Grady Memorial Hospital with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries.

The truck accident occurred along I-285 when the truck driver clipped the woman’s Nissan Sentra while attempting a lane change. The newlywed from Woodstock lost control of her car after being hit, struck the right guardrail and then careened into oncoming traffic where she was struck by another tractor-trailer. Upon impact, the Nissan flipped and landed on its side.

The fatal truck and car crash closed southbound I-285 for two hours Easter Sunday night. The truck driver who clipped the victim’s car was arrested after the crash. He has been charged with second degree vehicular homicide, as well as improper lane change, according to Ft Lauderdale car accident lawyers.

Truck driver error is a major cause of fatal truck accidents. When a semi truck or tractor trailer driver makes a poor choice on the road, it’s often the innocent drivers nearby who pay the price. In this case, it appears that the truck driver may have failed to fully check his blind spots before changing lanes. This fatal mistake took the life of a young woman with a bright future.

Truck drivers need to be mindful that they share the roads. Truck drivers need to pay attention, carefully execute lane changes and other driving maneuvers, and allow an appropriate stopping distance based on the weight of the truck. Training and additional certification or safety classes may also help to prevent serious truck driver errors.


Divorce and Bankruptcy

Last time we started a conversation on how to avoid seven common money mistakes often committed after going through a divorce. The period of going through a divorce is often a time fraught with emotions and sometimes emotions can get in the way of a solid financial decision. In this post we will discuss the remaining four money mistakes.

The fourth money mistake to avoid is one committed out of the feeling of revenge. Sometimes an individual may want payback if an ex-spouse was unfaithful during the marriage. Often, revenge takes the form of financial revenge by ruining a former spouse’s credit with an excess of credit card charges. Racking up a big balance may feel cathartic, but it is a bad financial decision since the individual that makes the charges could be held responsible for the balance. Former spouses who fear revenge credit balances should not rush out to close every credit card account and open new accounts. The process will lower the person’s credit score.

Sometimes people who go through the end of a relationship want to make themselves feel better by having beauty procedures completed. Beauty procedures like plastic surgery can add more unneeded expense and will likely not convince a former spouse to get back together. Major financial decisions after a divorce should be delayed by at least six months if not one year. Contact a attorney in https://brattonfamilylaw.com/ for more information about family law and other types of law.

Competition is the sixth mistake. On occasion, parents who divorce can feel a need to earn their children’s love by purchasing gifts. Parents should not try to outdo or keep up with each other; especially when budgets change. Parents should not run up expenses by proving their love with credit cards.

Finally, after a person finalizes their divorce, the person may be eager to start a new relationship. One of the most common mistakes is to loan money to a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Recent divorcees should not provide personal loans for at least one year after divorce or you might risk a Louisiana bankruptcy.


Foreclosures jumped 21 percent in third quarter of 2011

Mortgage foreclosures in the United States increased sharply in the third quarter of 2011 after a temporary suspension of foreclosure practices was lifted off of banking institutions. The 21 percent increase from the previous quarter brought national foreclosure levels back to the historically high levels that the mortgage industry has been seeing in the aftermath of the housing crisis.

San Diego foreclosure defense attorneys noted that part of the rapid spike in foreclosures is that banks are working more aggressively to process foreclosures for seriously delinquent loans. Now that the suspension period has been lifted, banks are working to catch up on mortgages entering into foreclosure proceedings.
The foreclosures report, which was produced by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, said another reason foreclosures have increased is that many delinquent loans are faced with no alternatives other than foreclosure proceedings. The number of seriously delinquent mortgages also increased as stalled foreclosure processes allowed for past-due mortgages to become even more delinquent. Seek assistance from tax debt lawyer if you’re still having trouble.

Despite the grim foreclosure news, there is information to suggest a more optimistic future for the housing industry. Although foreclosures spiked in the third quarter of 2011, it was still 11.8 percent lower than the third quarter of 2010.

But mortgages that are current remained steady from the second quarter in 2011, suggesting that more home loans are stabilizing after the housing crisis. Meanwhile, Bank of America Corp. and other major financial institutions are currently negotiating settlements for their improper foreclosure practices.


Amtrack passenger train hits 18-wheeler stuck on tracks

We do not often hear about train and 18-wheeler crashes let alone a passenger train and semi crash. When these types of accidents occur many people’s lives are put in danger and the likelihood of severe injury or death can be high. Luckily, the incidents of train and truck crashes are rare. Last Friday morning one such train and 18-wheeler accident occurred near Beaumont, Texas.

One week ago in Southeast Texas, an Amtrack passenger train headed to New Orleans, Louisiana hit an 18–wheeler that was stranded on the railroad tracks. According to the local sheriff’s department the semi was completely demolished by the passenger train in the Friday morning accident. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

According to a local sheriff’s deputy, the truck driver from Houston had jumped out of the truck before the train smashed into it. Authorities say the semi-truck became stuck on the tracks because it became “high-centered” on the railway. The truck was hauling a load of pipe intended to be delivered to local oilfields. As the truck approached the railroad crossing the truck could not clear the track crossing because of the crossing’s steep grade. As a result, the first set of wheels cleared the track but the framework of the truck was not able to clear leaving the truck immobilized on the track.

The Amtrack passenger train was aware of the situation before it reached the crossing, and as the passenger train approached the train engineer was able to slow the train to a speed of 30 miles per hour before impact occurred. According to the sheriff’s office, the impact of the train pushed the semi 20 yards down the track. After the railway was cleared of the accident, the train continued to New Orleans.

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Criminal law

We’ve been a criminal law firm since graduating from the University of Florida College of Law in 1972. While in law school, we developed a keen interest in the criminal area and served as a student intern under the tutelage of Eugene Whitworth, Esq., who later became State Attorney of the 8th Judicial Circuit. Upon graduation, we accepted a position as an Assistant State Attorney in the 18th Judicial Circuit in Seminole County, Florida, and due to his intense work ethic, devotion and charisma, was quickly elevated to a position in the Felony Trial Division, where he remained until 1977. During that time, he was responsible for numerous high-profile prosecutions and earned a reputation as a tough but fair prosecutor amongst his peers.

In 1977, after a brief foray into politics, he established a private practice specializing in criminal defense  with another former prosecutor and friend. For the next 11 years, we developed a criminal practice in both state and federal courts in the central and southern districts of Florida. We rose to prominence for their vigorous defense strategies and were engaged in several high-profile criminal trials during this period.

In 1988, he finally succumbed to the lure of the Florida Keys, closed out his practice, sold his house, moved onto his trawler and headed for Marathon. After six months of “retirement” herealized he desperately missed both the practice of law and court appearances. He applied for a position as Assistant Public Defender in the 16th Judicial Circuit, and was assigned to manage the Marathon office. In 1990, the State Attorney’s Office decided to cut their losses and hire he as the manager of their Marathon office. He held this position until 1993. At that point in time, he received an offer from the Cunningham Law Firm, the oldest law firm in the Florida Keys, to join them as a Shreveport defense lawyer. He’s reputation in the Keys was well known by this time, and by 1993, he had prosecuted, or defended, a large percentage of the community. His approachability and charismatic personality served him well once again in a private practice. From 1993 through today, he has handled a wide variety of criminal cases, including sex crimes lawyers, environmental infractions, groundings, DUIs, driver license suspensions, aggravated batteries and attempted murders.


Who we’ve defended

We’ve defended people against criminal charges including:

  • Murder
  • lawyers of distinction
  • Attempted murder
  • DUI manslaughter
  • DUI serious bodily injury
  • All sex related cases including:
    • Capital Sexual Battery
    • Sexual Battery
    • Lewd and Lascivious molestation
    • Lewd and Lascivious exhibition
  • All Drug Charges (prescription and non-prescription), including:
    • Drug Trafficking
    • Possession of drugs
    • Sale of drugs
    • Delivery of drugs
    • Cultivating, growing, manufacturing
  • Kidnapping (armed and unarmed)
  • Home invasion robbery
  • False Imprisonment
  • Robbery (armed and unarmed)
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Battery on law enforcement officer
  • Aggravated Assault on Law enforcement officer
  • All Theft charges
  • Check Charges
  • All White Collar Crimes, including:
    • Mail Fraud
    • Embezzlement

As Michigan accident lawyers, we’ve handled a myriad of cases.


Information Security & Internet Enforcement Overview

All corporations, regardless of size and industry sector, rely on computer networks to store and exchange sensitive company information. This reliance, while increasing convenience and productivity, brings the risk of breaches in network security. Such breaches can originate either from outside the network (the external hacker) or from within the company (the nefarious employee).

Federal and state regulators and, in their wake, jibrael hindi credit repair attorneys are setting their sights on information security breaches and incident handling as grounds for enforcement actions and class action lawsuits against the companies that house or transmit the compromised information. As a result, companies are being forced to develop and implement well-conceived information security programs. Such programs are not only required by law, or necessary to shield the entity from liability, but also can serve as business drivers because establishing and maintaining the trust of partners and customers are crucial in this highly networked environment.

Our qualified criminal defense lawyers in West Palm Beach Information Security and Internet Enforcement Group concentrates in counseling clients on compliance with the emerging patchwork of federal and state information security laws and regulations, responding to security incidents and evaluating potential liability resulting from security breaches.

Internet Enforcement

Other IP&T Law
Whether you are a publisher working in a traditional medium, or an entrepreneur setting up a Web-based or cable TV business, the explosion of communication channels in the last decade means that there are new regulations and case law that apply to your business. Our attorneys will put it all in context, and help you navigate the law related to the Internet (such as domain name use); sweepstakes, promotions and advertising; and all facets of media, First Amendment and entertainment law.

Makers of Reglan Facing Louisiana Lawsuit

When a child is sick or hurting, the parents want to do everything they can to make that child feel better. Usually, that means going to the doctor and often getting a prescription drug. When one Louisiana mother did just that, her son suffered serious consequences because of a dangerous pharmaceutical drug.

Relgan, also called metoclopramide, is often prescribed for short-term treatment of various symptoms, including nausea, gastroesophageal reflux and diabetic gastroparesis. The key phrase is short term. The Louisiana mother says she was not told to avoid long-term use, and her son suffered serious injuries as a result.

The mother says that taking Reglan over a long period of time caused her son to develop tardive dyskinesia. The illness causes uncontrollable abnormal movements that will hinder her son for the rest of his life. The mother has sued the makers of Reglan, including Pharmaceutical Associates, Beach Products, Mortgon Grove Pharmaceuticals and Wockhardt in federal court.

Her Stein Law Brooklyn injury lawyer is seeking compensation from the drug companies for her son’s:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Physical disfigurement and impairment
  • Loss of earnings and capacity
  • Legal fees

Although the drug is approved for short-term use only, the mother says that the companies listed above “encouraged the long term use of these drugs and concealed the drug’s dangerous side effects.” That would make the drug companies responsible for her son’s illness as well as the long-term injury he will suffer for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo the damage that Reglan did to this mother’s son, but the pharmaceutical companies should be held accountable for the pain they have caused this family.

This drug encompasses many discouraging factors including leading to a Louisiana car accident. Be sure to stay informed to ensure a tragedy like this never occurs.


Fatal combination of texting and driving Kills pedestrian

In our last post we talked about different teenage driving behaviors including distracted driving and how many people who are killed in car accidents caused by teenage drivers are not in the teenager’s vehicle. In fact, one-third of the people who are killed by teenage drivers are pedestrians, bicyclists, and occupants of other vehicles. Tragically, a teenage driver made a fatal error when he combined driving with texting on Tuesday night.

The 19-year-old driver was reading a text message while driving on Tuesday night and struck a pedestrian in the process. The young driver said he tried to avoid hitting the 37-year-old pedestrian when he saw him, but his attempt to swerve failed. The teenage driver killed the man as he crossed the street. The 37-year-old pedestrian was walking home after he left a bar Tuesday night.

The teenage driver was arrested by police after he admitted hitting the man. The teenager also told police that he had been texting at the time of the accident. The 19-year-old driver has been charged with manslaughter in a hit-and-run death. The tragic story of the 37-year-old pedestrian and the 19-year-old is a prime example of what distracted driving can lead to. Had the teenager made the decision not to text, neither one of these individuals’ lives would have been inalterably changed.

According to the study that we discussed last week distracted driving is a factor in 16 percent of deadly car accidents that involve a teenage driver. In order to avoid the pain the families of the pedestrian and young driver have endured, mothers and fathers everywhere should remind their teenage drivers to stay focused on the road when behind the wheel.

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Distracted Driving Causes 18-wheeler Crash

Distracted driving takes many forms and has many manifestations. The current trend is to talk about distracted driving in the form of cell phone calls, texting and even web-surfing while driving. But when it comes down to it, any cognitive distraction that takes a driver’s mind off of the road can be considered distracted driving. Being tired or falling asleep behind the wheel clearly takes away a driver’s focus, and when that lack of focus is coupled with a multiple ton 18-wheeler, there is a recipe for disaster.

Earlier yesterday morning that recipe was followed and a truck accident was created involving two 18-wheelers. On early Wednesday morning a 47-year-old trucker from Florida fell asleep while driving and crashed his semi into another 18-wheeler that was parked on the shoulder of Interstate 10 in LaPlace, Louisiana. The truck crash injured four people including both of the truck drivers. The 47-year-old truck driver from Florida was cited with careless operation of a vehicle and negligent injury.

According to hillel traub Baltimore traffic ticket lawyer, the truck accident occurred around 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. A 46-year-old truck driver from Memphis, Tennessee parked his semi on the eastbound shoulder of the Interstate because of mechanical issues. The truck driver also appropriately placed a reflective triangle behind the vehicle to warn approaching drivers of the truck’s status. Despite the warning triangle, the truck driver from Florida barreled into the parked semi because the driver had fallen asleep and allowed his truck to drift to the shoulder of the road.

The truck driver from Florida suffered moderate injuries and a 17-year-old passenger riding with him also suffered moderate injuries. They were both taken to a nearby hospital. The driver of the parked truck and his passenger both suffered minor injuries. They were also taken to a nearby hospital. The truck accident closed the interstate for hours and cleanup was completed by 1:30 p.m.

Michigan legal center lawyers are more than prepared to handle these types of cases. Stay up to date with car accidents accident cases across the nation. Ensure that you’re informed and interested in all aspects of Yuma car accidents.